Aspire to Inspire (A2i) Summer Medical Camp in Long Beach

Join the most affordable and most educational camp, with dedicated Nursing and Pharmacy faculty and students in nursing and pharmacy labs with hands-on activities to explore health care professions and career paths before choosing college majors.

What's included in the A2i Summer Camp?


Helping prevent the spread of infection


Introduction to various body systems



Standardized hearing & vision screening techniques for youth and adults



What the pharmacist and the pharmacy technician do in an in-patient and an out-patient setting

Pay attention! This may save your life and the lives of others.




AUHS Merit Scholarship is Available Call 562-988-2278 for details

Sample Camp Curriculum:

AUHS Merit Scholarship: a GPA of 3.5 or higher or taking AP Math, Chemistry or Biology with a score of 3 or better on the AP Exam.

A2i Family Saving Scholarship: for students from Health care families or from Veteran families.



Summer Medical Camp incorporates various components, which will allow AUHS students to mentor the campers. Therefore, the camp is most suitable for the high school students who are interested careers in patient care, medicine, pharmacy and/or other health related fields. An official high school transcript is required for the selection process. Affordable cost through AUHS Youth Scholarship or Family Saving Program.  Capacity is limited: 20 seats only, admitted on a first come first serve basis.

Vital signs are important because they are good indicators of how the body is functioning

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Summer Medical Camp Information:

DATE & TIME: Tuesday - Friday, June 20th to 23rd, 2017  Hours (TBA).

For More Information or to obtain an application, schedule an appointment with a Camp Advisors by filling out the form below:

How To Apply For A2i Summer Camp:

General Application Materials: (Please read all the documents with the parents before the parent signs it.)

1.      Complete and sign the following  forms by the parent(s)

2.      Application fee: $20 + Summer Camp Fee: $100 without the scholarship; $60 with 1 of the 2 scholarships, in cash (if you had it in person) or in money order.

All documents require a parent's signature or we will not be able to process the application.  Should you have any questions, please call 562.988.2278 or send us an email at


You may apply for one of the following two scholarships:

1.      One (1) sealed and signed A2i Summer Camp Letter of Recommendation

          AUHS Merit Scholarship: the letter should be from a science or math teach that taught you

         A2i Family Saving Program: the letter should be from the Healthcare provider in your family.

2.      A 300-word typed essay, stating your qualifications for the scholarship, the reasons for attending A2i Summer Med. Camp and your goals.

3.      Proof of Eligibility

          AUHS Merit Scholarship only: 1 sealed official high school transcript or AP score(s)

          A2i Family Saving Program only: a copy of veteran ID or a professional license / certificate of the Healthcare provider in your family.

Should you have any questions, please call 562.988.2278 or send us an email at or meet us on campus.

Contact Us:

For more details about the A2i Summer Medical Camp, the selection process and to obtain an application, you can schedule an appointment with the Advisor via or by phone at 562-988-2278.

When to Apply for A2i Summer Medical Camp:

Admission to the program is on a rolling basis until the program state date of June 1st.  Early application is recommended to secure a place.

How To Apply for the Scholarship:

AUHS Foundation- A2i Summer Medical Camp  ▪ 1600 E. Hill St., Signal Hill, CA 90755 ▪  562.988.2278  ▪
   The camp advisers are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 10 am and 5 pm to speak to you about the summer camp
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